Q. What payment methods are accepted?
A. We accept all methods: cash, card/visa and direct debit subscriptions for regular clients.

Music Lessons

Q. Do you do 1-to-2 lessons? I have multiple children who want to learn the same instrument
A. We only offer individual lessons for each student - the option for this would be to join our classes!


Q. What would be best for me, private coaching or a class/workshop?
A. Please send us a message/email telling us a little about yourself and what you're looking for and we will be happy to advise what would be best for you.

Otherwise please take a look at our young singers classes and teens singers classes which are highly advised for those wishing to see if private lessons are suitable. Adult beginners are also highly encouraged to first take our singing for beginners class before embarking on private lessons. This will help give you a better foundation for private work and also help you decide if singing is something that you feel you are enjoying and want to explore more.

Q. I already have a good sounding voice and can already sing - does this make me an advanced singer? Why would I need to train further?
A. Singing training is not about the ‘sound’ of your voice, techniques can drastically alter and change your sound to various degrees but you should always ‘sound’ like you when singing. Training your voice is perhaps even more important if you do already have a great voice, as learning how to use and explore your voice more effectively and efficiently will improve your voice further than without training, also increasing endurance and stamina, and avoiding any damage or vocal issues such as voice loss and strain.

A question to you… Do you ever see the best athletes in the world training without a coach or trainer?

Q. Should I take private lessons or group classes?
A. You can benefit greatly from a little bit of both. In groups you can gain different and very useful skills working with others, however due to the complex nature of using the voice as an instrument it’s vital to check in privately to maintain your own vocal instrument to its optimum condition and avoid any issues that can go easily missed while singing in groups.

Q. What happens if me or my child have to miss a class?
A. Please see our booking Terms of Service specific to your class or session.

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